On “Belial Heaps My Spur’d Pyre High” [Stanza 2]

This, as the title entails, is an explanation of the second stanza of my hymn Belial Heaps My Spur'd Pyre High. If you have not read the full hymn, you can do so here. If you have not yet read the explanation of the first stanza, you can do so here. Having read both is quite … Continue reading On “Belial Heaps My Spur’d Pyre High” [Stanza 2]


On “Belial Heaps My Spur’d Pyre High” [Stanza 1]

"The darkness cannot overcome Light, it is simply the absence of Light, the utter banishment of Light. However, Light cannot be banished. Any narrow rift in the blindfold of darkness allows a little bit of Light to flitter in. At that point, it is no longer darkness, just less Light than there should be. As the mask slips off the face, more and more Light creeps in until that blinder is no more and you are fully immersed into Light's golden rays; and, at long last, you can see."