Land of the Tattered Banner

Over jagged east the blest embers rise Filling the inky void of the skies; The burnished fist flies, Golden rays leap forth, another dread night dies. But when they arrive to drive away the surface cloak They can’t make it through the swirling smoke, Creation’s artistry: rambling man, coiling pools, humble oak Adorned in soot, … Continue reading Land of the Tattered Banner


Belial Heaps My Spur’d Pyre High

To the tune of "No Tramp of Soldiers' Marching Feet" Belial heaps my spur'd pyre high, One log for each defile; As up my wooden mound I fly, Dim draws life’s sundial. Deep into flesh sin’s splinters cut; By brow’s sweat, sinews sting. The carnal pipes of my heart smut, “Behold, behold your king!” Olden … Continue reading Belial Heaps My Spur’d Pyre High